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For our MyMyst booth we have variety of colors from which to choose. Our staff is trained to help you choose the appropriate color depending on your skin tone and the color you are wishing to achieve.

The spray is administered in a private room, takes about 90 seconds and you look like you just stepped off the beach. With proper skin care your spray can last 5-7 days.

Many people spray for weddings, vacations, cruises & special engagements.  With our hectic schedules, sunless is the most convenient, fastest way to achieve a natural summer glow.


Mystic Tan - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MyMyst Tan Booth? 
The Mystic Tan™ booth is a private, full-body, self-contained unit, with a DHA tanning process that utilizes MagneTan™ technology. Its revolutionary process allows the booth to apply a uniform amount of tanning solution to your entire body in just 90 seconds. When the tanning process is finished, the client simply steps out of the booth, towels-off any excess mist, dresses, and exits. The result is a uniform, natural-looking sunkissed tan with instant color result.
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What is MagneTan Technology? 
MagneTan™ technology is a patented process that uses the human body's own magnetic properties to attract our bronzing solution to all exposed skin. When our special solution passes through the booths nozzles, the particles of solution are polarized, taking on the characteristics of tiny magnets. These particles adhere evenly to the skin to create a smooth, natural-looking sunkissed tan.
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Will it turn me orange? 
No, not at all! Our staff is trained to choose the appropriate  color depending on your skin tone and the color you are wishing to achieve. In the past self-tanners were creams and lotions that were applied by hand which meant inconsistent coverage, uneven color, and possible streaking.  The active ingredient in self tanners and spray tans is DHA. DHA used in excess with frequent multiple applications is what creates an orange tint in the skin. The MagneTan™ technology used to apply the bronzing solution assures that all areas of the body get a uniform coating of the solution in the exact quantity required to produce a sunkissed tan.
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What should I wear in the tanning booth? 
What you wear is completely at your discretion. Most wear nothing at all or minimal clothing. The room is completely private and you will receive the best all-over tan with no tan lines if you wear no clothes. However, if you do wear a bathing suit, underwear or anything else please, be aware that whatever you wear may be stained. The bronzer we use for your initial color is water-soluble and should wash out of anything you wear, but the DHA applied may cause permanent stains on any clothing you wear inside the booth.
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Will I be wet when I step out of the Mystic Tan booth? 
The mist applied in the Mystic Tan™ tanning booth is very fine. By the time you step out of the booth most of the mist will have dried, but there may still be a few moist areas. The solution tends to bead up on the hair on your skin and is simply removed by patting dry. We do recommend that you dry for just a few short minutes or until the skin feels dry to the touch before dressing.
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How long do I have to wait after a tanning session before I can shower? 
We recommend that you wait a minimum of 4 hours after the spray session to give the DHA enough time to fully set. Depending on the solution used, the processing time will vary between 3 to 8 hours. Our staff will instruct you on the processing time that will help in achieving your desired results. If you shower earlier, you may diminish the intensity of your spray.  Initially after your spray session, you will simply rinse the solution off with a cool shower using no soap.  The bronzer will appear in the water when rinsing. We recommend after the initial rinse that you pat dry. You can resume your normal showering after the initial rinsing process.
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What happens if the sunless solution gets in my eyes? 
There is nothing in the mist that will harm your eyes. We suggest you close your eyes while the spray is being blown by the nozzle. Goggles are provided should you wish to use them.
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Should I cover my hair while tanning in the Mystic Tan tanning booth? 
Our clients wear disposable caps, provided by Sunkissed, to keep the mist from getting in their hair. You will be instructed on how to use the cap. The solution will not penetrate the hair follicles.
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Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the sunless tanning solution? 
The components in our sunless tanning solution have been proven to be safe for use on the skin. If you have had previous allergic reactions to self tanning lotions or cosmetics you may want to do a "patch test" by putting a small amount of the sunless solution on a small area of the skin to test for possible reactions.
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Do I need to hold my breath during the tanning session? 
We recommend that you do hold your breath during the actual misting process. We make this recommendation because most individuals prefer not to breathe in the mist. The manufacturer says there is nothing in it that would cause any harm if you did breathe it in. Nose filters are available for purchase.
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Will the components of the sunless solution make my skin have an unpleasant smell? 
The DHA reacting to proteins in your skin can leave a slight smell. Our solution has a pleasant fragrance which makes it barely noticeable if at all, and is usually not noticeable to others around you.
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Are there ways to enhance the sunless tan results? 
Yes!! We recommend that prior to your sunless spray session you exfoliate your skin and apply no moisturizers, no deodorant, and no makeup. These products will serve as a barrier to the absorption of the solution.  However, we recommend for those who have severe dry skin to moisturize daily for 2 to 3 days prior to your spray session and exfoliate the day of the spray. After initial rinse of solution and each day after your spray session, apply moisturizer. This will help extend the life of the spray.
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Can I go swimming after tanning in the Mystic Tan booth? 
Yes, but for the best results avoid chemically treated swimming pools and spas for 24 hours. Swimming in chlorinated water at any time can bleach the sunless tan and possibly cause streaking.
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How many sunless tanning sessions do I need to achieve the color I want? 
ONE session is all it takes.  We recommend that spray sessions are done once every 5 to 7 days.
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If I tan in the Mystic Tan tanning booth, can I also tan in tanning beds and in the sun? 
Yes. There is nothing in our sunless solution that would prevent you from tanning in tanning beds or the sun. In fact, a number of customers have found that tanning with UV rays and then our sunless solution actually gives them a better overall tan. If you do plan to use a tanning bed and the Mystic Tan booth in the same day we recommend that you tan in the tanning bed first. Remember however, that the sunless solution does not give you any protection from UV rays.
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Because of my fair skin I have never been able to tan before. Will the Mystic Tan tanning booth give me a tan? 
Yes. The Mystic Tan™ tanning booth was designed specifically for individuals who can't or don't want to tan conventionally.
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Can I use the Mystic Tan booth if I am pregnant? 
We recommend consulting with your doctor before proceeding with a Mystic Tan tanning session.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with a spray tan, click here.